At 12 months old Tucker was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome. Our geneticist told us he would never walk and our physical therapist at the time used the phrase “floor bound.” Tucker never gave up so neither did we. 

Nearing his fourth birthday Tucker had taken six total independent steps. We heard about Oxford Recovery Center and immediately requested a tour. We instantly fell in love and started plans to make things work. Everything aligned, times, dates, therapists-everything but finances. Our family was able to make a contribution to support the deposit for the therapy but the Oxford Kids Foundation made therapy happen!!!

Tucker spent three weeks over the holiday break playing, working and flirting with nearly every employee at ORC. He started slow but never, not once, gave up. Many of his days were spent going door to door, office to office in full therasuit attire and every time he was greeted with the biggest smile, hug and celebration of his progress. 

Since his time at ORC Tucker walks independently. We’ve sold his stander, put his wheelchair in storage, and celebrated EVERY SINGLE STEP. 

None of this progress would be possible without the amazing contribution from OKF. We are grateful every single day for what they’ve done for our child and our family.