We would like to thank all of our volunteers for all of their support and help! We would not be able to help as many kids without you.

Our volunteers are the reason why we are able to help so many kids. The kids we help need therapies like:

Medical interventions      Suit Therapy           Supplements          Hippotherapy        Occupational             Biomedical Testing      Speech

Nutrition Coaching           Physical              Neurofeedback           Chiropractic            Hyperbaric Oxygen         Counseling          And More

Individual Support Opportunities

Donations                   Matching Gifts
Planned Giving          Sponsor a Child
Workplace Giving       Monthly Giving

Other Ways to Help

If you feel as if you have a talent that we could use, please let us know!

We are always looking for:

Grant Writing                 Event Planning
Committee Leaders       Communications

Join a Team

Fundraising               Event Coordination
Silent Auction          Corporate Outreach
Office/Admin           Community Outreach

Corporate Support Opportunities

Matching Gifts              Corporate Sponsorship
Workplace Giving          Auction Donations
To be a volunteer, please sign up below!